Huijia school

Huijia Faculty

The teaching management team of Beijing Huijia Private School consists of more than 300 experienced professionals in  the education arena. Huijia employs approximately 100 foreign teachers. All English classes are taught by native-speaking foreign teachers, with the classes being joinly taught by a team effort of a foreign and local teacher . Our foreign teachers mostly derive from English-speaking countries and regions who have rich experience in international education as well as the IB model. All of them have international vision, love Chinese culture, and possess great enthusiasm to cultivate young people into responsible citizens of the world .

Huijia exposes students to tolerance and grooms them to understand and accept different cultures via its community of   diversified international teachers. Huijia participates continuously in learning new international teaching methodogies and concepts and adheres to international education standards. The school arranges rich and colorful teaching and extracurricular activities for its students to inspire them to solve problems and to think  independently.  We encourage students to seek answers through inquiry and experiments. Students at Huijia grow and thrive  in this secure and harmonious learning environment. The students here share international vision, compassion and independent thought.