Huijia school

Principal’s Message

Chinese education must cast off the shackles of traditional education concepts. Whether it is public or private education, both receive selection and evaluation from society.

Huijia adheres to the "new, high quality, internationalization" mission. Here, the "new" means innovation and that the school should follow the rules of the market and the laws of education, which is different from the current incomplete innovation education whose ultimate goal is just to test. “High quality" means high quality, standards, efficiency, sensibility, service, and technology. "Internationalization" means facing the world with international norms and striving for an international private school. 18 years of experience tells us that this is the consumers' choice for Huijia. It is a strategic positioning of Huijia, but also a description of Huijia and Huijia's code of conduct.

Wang Zhize