Huijia school

Beijing Huijia Institute of Educational Sciences

Approved by the Beijing Federation of Social Science Circles and registered with the Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau, the Beijing Huijia Institute of Educational Sciences (HJIES) was founded in late 2011 after 18 years of development of Huijia Education Organization (HEO), a leading private education institution in China.

Mr. Tao Xiping, Vice President of the World Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centers and Associations and Honorary President of the Chinese Association of Non-government Education (CANGE), is the Dean of the HJIES; and Mr. Wang Zhize, Vice President of the CANGE and President of the HEO, is the Executive Dean of the HJIES.

The HJIES aims to deepen educational reform and seek for sustainable development by introducing educational researches in Huijia campuses and cultivating research-oriented teachers.

  1. Name of the Social Organization: Beijing Huijia Institute of Educational Sciences (HJIES)
  2. When was the HJIES founded: October 18, 2011
  3. President, Executive President, Vice President and Board Chairman: President Mr. Tao Xiping, Executive President Mr. Wang Zhize, Vice President Ms. Qian Lixia, and Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Wang Zhize.
  4. Objectives:

    The objectives of the HJIES are to:

    • Abide by the Institution of the People’s Republic of China, laws and regulations, and the state policies;
    • Stick to social moralities and virtues to integrate and promote various kinds of educational researches of different levels of schools ranging from preschool education to higher vocational education attached to the HEO;
    • Systemize the educational researches of the HEO;
    • Offer services for the administrative decision-making of the government’s international education and the arrangement of the management of international schools, and;
    • Provide services to improve the quality of education and teaching of China’s international schools.
  5. Main Tasks:
    • Issuing regularly research guides and lead the teachers and staff of the HEO to carry out educational research and studies in the light of the HEO’s development plans;
    • Organizing regularly training courses, academic lectures and on-the-spot exchange activities according to the educational research focuses and orientations;
    • Organizing annually HEO’s internal academic exchange conference in the HEO and an international or national forum;
    • Organizing to compile the HEO Annual Report (or “Huijia Journal”), or a collection of academic papers based on the annual internal academic exchange conference or forum, and;
    • Organizing to compile the “International Education News” publication which serves the HEO’s administrative leaders and officers as well as teachers and staff to conduct educational researches and studies.
  6. Business Scope:
    • Conducting researches of basic theories of international education, educational structure, practical issues of educational reforms, application and comparative research of international education and teaching, investigative research of recurrent subjects teaching conditions, offering decision-making consultations and suggestions for the development of the HEO, and offering services for the government to make decisions on the improvement of the teaching quality and effective administrative management of international education.
    • Carrying out preschool educational researches to provide a scientific basis for developing the Huijia Vocational Institute’s preschool education, teaching materials for preschool curriculums and improve preschool education quality and serve the development of Huijia kindergartens; conducting researches of kindergarten’s curriculums and providing continuous training for kindergarten teachers; guiding kindergartens to carry out subject researches; conducting practice and guidance on practice of PYP in the primary school and kindergartens; taking charge of guidance and assessment of kindergarten’s work related to teachers and staff; and undertaking teaching work of the Education Department of the Huijia Vocational College.
    • Carrying out researches of basic educational theories and practice to provide a scientific basis for promoting the development of Huijia primary and middle schools and improving teaching quality.
    • Carrying out researches of vocational educational theories and practice to provide a scientific basis for promoting the development of the Huijia Vocational College and improving teaching quality as well as offering services to the state vocational and technological education for making decisions.
  7. Institutional Structure:

    The Beijing Huijia Institue of Educational Sciences has the following offices: Dean Office, Consultancy & Academic Committee, International Education Research Office, Preschool Education Research Office, Basic Education Research Office, Vocational Education Research Office, and Educational Information Research Office.

    The Dean Office is an administrative one, assisting the Dean to handle general affairs, coordinating the Dean Office with other offices, effectively guiding the management of the institute, and implementing decisions made by the Dean.

    The main duties of the Consultancy & Academic Committee are to provide consultancy services and suggestions on the guidance of research directions of the institute, raising the standards of academic researches and strengthening the building of the academic contingent and assess academic projects concerning educational researches and achievements so as to promote the improvement of the decision-making level and the educational development of the Huijia Education Organization.

    The International Education Research Office, the Preschool Education Research Office, the Basic Education Research Office, the Vocational Education Research Office, and the Educational Information Research Office are professional offices of the HJIES.

  8. The HJIES Journal ’s Quarterly Magazine:

    The New Global Vision, which was launched in August 2011, is the quarterly journal of the HJIES and circulated only among the Huijia Education Organization and its subordinate entities. It carries academic research papers, case study articles, educational news and both Chinese and foreign cutting-edge scientific educational information related to school management, building of school systems, teachers’ professional development, curriculum reforms, practical education and teaching innovations in the aspects of international education (including IB education), higher vocational education, preschool education, and private-run school education.