Huijia school

Chronicles(1993 — 1997)

Date Events
July 7 The Huijia Private Primary School of Changping County was established by Wang Zhize.
September 1 The School opened. The Deputy Magistrate Mr. Pan Zhong and the Vice Director of the Bureau of Education of Changping Mr. Li Yonglin attended the ceremony.
September Mr. Wang Zhize became its first Principal, and decided “To Be a Great Chinese” to be the School Motto.
June 1 The School held its first Admitting Ceremony of the Young Pioneers.
September 1 Student population reached 110.
September 15 Its first foreign teacher named Lucy arrived.
November 1 The first teaching building of the Primary School and the No. 1 and No. 2 students dormitory buildings broke the ground at the foot of the Dragon and Phoenix Mountain to the East of the BaiFu Bridge.
March 28 The School decided to add a high school division in accordance with the approval of the Board of Education of the Beijing Municipality [Document 1995-12].
May 30 The School held its first Arts Festival on its campus in the Tianshou Mountain Hotel.
July 17 The Deputy Director of the State Education Commission Mr. Liu Bin came to visit the school and inscribed "Searching for the approach to educational reform in the practice of educational reform."
July The Director of the Education, Science, and Culture Commission of the National People’s Congress Mr. Yang Haibo, visited the School and presented an inscription: "In a Century-Long Plan, Education is the Foundation."
August The construction of the Primary School Teaching Building and the No.1 and No. 2 Students Dormitory Building was completed. The School campus moved from the Tianshou Mountain Hotel to the new location in the middle of the month.
September 1 The High School opened. The first group of its high school students numbered 45.
September 18 The first group of 14 Grade 6 students went to the United States in a 10-month study-abroad program.
September School Advisor Mr. Wang Jiajun inscribed 'New, of High Quality, and Internationalized" as the School's guiding principle.
October The Beijing TV Station shot and broadcast a first Huijia School feature titled "A Blushing Rose is Blooming Quietly."
November 30 The School became a sister school with the Blanford Elementary School of the Roland Unified School District of California, U.S.A., and established an overseas study center.
April 18 The Deputy Mayor of the Beijing Municipality Mr. Hu Zhaoguang visited the school.
April 28 The School held its first English Speech Contest.
June 3 Mr. Wang Jiajun became the School principal.
July 10 The first group of 37 primary school students successfully graduated.
September 1 The Junior Middle School started with its first group of 44 students.
November 9 President Mr. Wang Zhize and Principal Mr. Wang Jiajun of the School met with Mr. Goodman, director of the Asian-Pacific Region of the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO), in discussion of the School's admission to IBO.
December 11 The School was approved by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs to be a "Foreign Cultural and Educational Experts Employing Enterprise," and officially began to employ foreign teachers.
February 24 The Deputy Mayor of the Beijing Municipality Mr. Hu Zhaoguang visited the school.
March 7 The School held a ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of its administration building.
April Principal Mr. Wang Jiajun went to Mons, Switzland to attend the 1997 World Conference of the International Baccalaureate Organization.
June 4 President Mr. Wang Zhize held another meeting with Mr. John Goodman on the issue of Huijia’s Admission to the IBO in China World Hotel.
July 30 The Huijia High School teacher Lu Jiang mailed out a formal application for the School to join the IBO.
July Zhang Yechuan, a 7th grader from Huijia, won the first prize in the “Youth Writers” national contest held by the Lu Xun Literature Institute.
September 3 Huijia was authorized by the Education Commission and the Foreign Affairs Office of the Beijing Municipality to admit children on foreign passports.
October 9 Mr. John Goodman, head of the Asian-Pacific region of the IBO organization, came to inspect and finished all the work inspection by IBO.
November 20 Huijia was officially approved to be a membership school of IBO, laying down the foundation to become an international school.
December 31 Principal Mr. Wang Jiajun announced the "Three 'Famous' project at the 1998 New Year Dedication: To Develop a Famous School, to Grow Famous Teachers, and to Foster Famous Students."