Huijia school

School Motto


Be great Chinese people

 'with a motherland heart, be international people'

The core connotation of the school’s motto is:

'With a motherland heart'  Huijia School enrolls students from around the world. The school actively focuses on its students’ national spirits, national traditions and national culture which belong to national characteristics. The school has always placed cultivation of students’ emotions, national spirits, national character and national values in first place.

'Be international people'  Huijia School makes the students realize close relationships between people and the world through the international understanding education. The school also requires all students to form international consciousness, at the core of which is the requirement of every student to lay the foundation of global harmonious development.

"With a motherland heart, be international people" is one of the challenges Huijia School must meet in a new era of the future, the world and science & technology development. Facing such a worldwide development trend of human society, the era of a knowledge economy requires future workers not only to develop in their native countries, but also to participate in competition and cooperation among countries. "With a motherland heart, be international people" encourages future comprehensive international talents to not only serve this country, but also obtain opportunities to show in the world stage.

The relevant standard of the School motto implementation:


Self-esteem, self-discipline, self-improvement

Four Skills

Playing the piano (refers to art teaching reform), swimming (refers to the physical education teaching reform), English (refers to the language curriculum reform), and computers (refers to each student’s need to grasp a skill). As a result, Huijia curriculum system formed the group of the three supporting system of subject curriculum group, art group, physical education curriculum.

Five Haves

Have moral behavior, have scientific minds, have healthy bodies and minds, have artistic accomplishment and have the spirits to serve society.