Huijia school

Introduction to Huijia IB High School Clubs

There are a number of student clubs of different interests established by the students themselves at the Huijia IB Higher School, mainly covering the aspects of arts, culture, sports, humanity activities, community services, etc. They carry out inspiring, fun activities on a regular basis, gathering many thoughtful and passionate students to share their fantastic ideas each other to enhance their different interests while enriching their knowledge.

The Huijia IB High School encourages students to join in club activities, and handles club activities as a major ingredient for providing rich, colorful school life. The clubs have provided the students a stage for self-expression and self-development where they are able to discover their interest points, find out the advantages and weaknesses of their personal abilities, and cultivate their sense of collective honor, among others. They have also flourished the campus culture with the promotion of cultural and ideological progress.