Huijia school

Huijia School Library

Brief Introduction to the Huijia School Library

Huijia School Library is a crucial department in providing information and teaching resources and promoting bilingual literacy. It consists of the Huijia PYP Library, Huijia MYP Library and the Huijia DP Library. All three libraries are centrally-located in each school building. The spacious and comfortable reading and learning environments were created for all library patrons. In total there are approximately 60,000 books in English and Chinese (novels, non fiction books, and textbooks) and digital resources which are housed in our three libraries.

MISSION of the Huijia Libraries (HJL)

The Huijia Libraries works with the members of the school community to provide organized access to information and services to meet educational, informational, recreational, and cultural needs of the Staff and Student body of Huijia School.In its effort to fulfill this mission and in its capacity as school library, the Huijia School Libraries will maintain a Professional Collection.

Resource Management Policies

Library is using American Follett Destiny system to manage books, textbooks and resources. Everyone in Huijia can have an account, and log in at any time to search online resources, make your own list and order resources.


The Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) for Huijia School is a Follett Destiny system, and is available both on and off campus 24/7! To search for books and resources, please go to Then choose the appropriate Library. Reliable and valid websites are displayed by Subject group on the HOME page. The CATALOG tab will help you find the paper books you want and need.

Knowing how to use YOUR Library

The Huijia School Libraries participate in both the Academic Culture and School Culture to various degrees in the three different programmes – library buildings. In order to support the needs of the IB Programmes, the Huijia Libraries organize reading programs/activities, conduct interesting events, activities, and support technology - multimedia programs in the classroom. The Library Team also support staff & student research skills, can co-teach, collaborate, and support - promote the IB inquiry-based teaching and learning strategies. This not only includes websites for information, but also getting offline, and finding paper books, magazine articles, newspaper articles, interviews with people, and finding local experts in a particular field if interest as well.


Welcome to the Huijia Libraries as we continue to support all staff & student learning here at Huijia School!