Huijia school

Sports Curriculum

  • Golf
  • Soccer
  • Equestrian
  • Basketball
  • Bowling
  • Table tennis
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Swimming
  • Tennis


Learn the history of this movement, mastering the basic techniques and tactics, enjoy golf sports and improve the quality of life.

There are two areas in Huijia Golf court field. One is the Golf court with two layers, the other is the clubhouse which has a bathroom, changing room, etc. reception hall, ball store, canteen, Golf teaching classroom, etc.


Soccer is the most famous sport in the world. It is known to all that "the world's first movement", with good exercise and appreciation value. This course is to teach soccer competition rules, soccer skills and tactics, etc. To broaden students’ knowledge about soccer, improve students’ health condition.

Huijia School now has a standard soccer field and it can be used for competitions.


Known as the King of sports, equestrian has become one of China's national sports with a view to helping promote teenagers’ physical development and encouraging them to learn to communicate with animals and care for animals.

Huijia Equestrian Club has a horse riding yard covering about 50 acres. Vanessa Vandevray, General Manager of the Club, is the Level One Coach (BEES 1) from France. The club is the first equestrian center for youth in China.


Basketball is a team sport. It is fun and good for body-building. This course is to teach general fitness, special physical, five basic skills, basic tactical coordination, training, competition rules, etc.

Huijia School has several indoor and outdoor basketball courts and we are now recruiting the high level basketball coaches.


As an indoor sport, bowling is a fun game and easy to learn. It is full of entertainment and helps people to promote body building. Huijia School has an excellent bowling club.

Table Tennis

Table tennis is China’s leading national sport. Participating in table tennis courses can not only help people develop sensitivity and coordination, but also cultivate their indomitable courage. To keep a healthy body, it is a good idea to take part in this physical exercise program which can be played both inside and outside door.

Huijia School provides table tennis lessons for students.


Baseball is a modern sport having a history of about 100 years. It is full of entertainment and fun. This exercise can improve participants’ endurance, coordination and balance, and enhance physical fitness.

The baseball course is to teach the basics of baseball skills, competition rules, etc. Students can master the basic techniques during training, forehand and backhand attacks, blocking shots, etc.


Swimming is one of the people's favorite sports. Swimming can be divided into competitive swimming and practical swimming. As the second largest project in the Olympic Games, the competitive swimming covers the butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle and synchronized swimming.

The swimming course will provide a more comprehensive understanding of the basic swimming skills, master the basic technical and practical basics of swimming, and know the swimming competition rules.

  • Year 1: Learn breaststroke;
  • Year 2: Learn freestyle, and;
  • Year 3: Learn backstroke.

The basics the learners need to know are basic swimming skills and they should also receive physical training. Huijia School Swimming Team recruits new members from Year 3 students only. They should take part in various training and competitions.

  • Year 4: Set up Golf courses, learn to understand golf etiquette and master basic skills of Golf.
  • Year 5 and Year 6: Set up equestrian courses, learn domesticated knowledge and experience riding horses and learn riding skills.

Huijia school has one indoor swimming pool and one outdoor swimming pool.


Tennis is also a very popular sport around the world. This course is to teach the basics of Tennis, the basic theory, basic techniques and tactics to improve students’ coordination of participants, improve heart and lung’s function. Students learn from each other in this sport.

Huijia School now has one tennis court and has worked out a plan to build an indoor tennis court.