Huijia school

Dormitory Caring

  1. Dormitory life enables the children to build up relationship between each other.
  2. Dormitory life enables the children to be independent.
  3. Children will have a reasonable living and eating habit.
  4. Plenty of extracurricular time enables the children to read books, play games and have teamwork.
  5. Children are required to dress the school uniform for avoiding them to compare with each other unnecessarily.
  6. Dormitory life will make the children responsible.
  7. Children cannot bring cell phone with them for avoiding them to play video games without permission.

Holiday School Teachers' Duty

Holiday school is a department especially opened for the children whose parents are not in Beijing or in foreign lands. It is also open to the children who do not go back home at weekends.

  1. Teachers follow the regular school time and guarantee the time for the children to do their homework and sleep as well.
  2. Children are allowed to buy some snacks after dinner (weekends: up to 40 RMB; holiday: up to 80 RMB). Snacks are not allowed to take into the dormitory.
  3. Teachers on duty have the responsibility to remind and check the children’s homework. When they finish, teachers should sign on it.
  4. Teachers remind and check whether the children take a bath and change the underwear.
  5. Teachers organize the outdoor activities and accompany the children.
  6. Teachers will take care of children’s expensive items.
  7. The school laundry will collect the dirty clothes twice a week. Teachers will take charge of it.